That’s oh-TEE-voh for testing & research since 1997.

What OTIVO is

Research and Testing

We’ve been researching and testing products and designs and mobile apps and web applications for usability, bugs, and functionality since 1997 for a variety of companies.

  • We love and use many different smartphones and tablets and gadgets and apps
  • Our original experience was with Web sites/apps and then WAP sites for mobile
  • Now more than half of our projects are focused on smartphone and tablet apps and hardware and gadgets and other designs and products
  • Detail-oriented discovery, user interviews, usability research, usability testing
  • Surveys and contextual inquiries and card sorting and small group discussions
  • Helping you love your customers and users and know who they are and what they do with your products and services.

OTIVO can help you discover what works and what doesn’t work and discover people’s opinions —and sometimes pinpoint why.

Most of all we observe and listen and ask and report back. Paraphrasing the fictional character Dr. Faye Miller, a research consultant, from Mad Men, “That’s our job – you’d be surprised what people will say to an interested stranger.”